“Innovate wildly” was the message loud and clear at the latest GAFE Summit in Singapore.  Nothing could have been more fitting for a Google event as they have definitely institutionalized innovation. This is evident as you step into their purpose built offices in Singapore and see hammocks in office spaces and hear about employees being given 20% release time to “innovate wildly", a practise that has yielded many of their most productive and meaningful apps, such as Flubaroo.
The following is multipart series that I will be posting over the few months. It is a step by step guide to going Google with a strong connection to the Technology Integration Matrix which provides a framework outlining tech integration from entry level adoption to transformation of learning. Each part of the series will focus on a different Google App and lead teachers through this process. Unfortunately, as this article is posted, it is going to be obsolete, so I ask that readers post updates as to how they have found new uses for these Apps and share their innovative practices.