Keep it together: with Google Keep


Meet Google Keep, in my opinion, Google’s most underrated collaborative task management tool which embeds various forms of media including audio, photos, annotations, among others. Think collaborative Post-it notes with embeddable media. What really sets Keep apart is the syncing capabilities between other Google products, the mobile app, and of course the ability to search within Keep. 

If you have students working in collaborative teams Keep could be used to assign tasks with a checklist and due dates including integrated links to resources. All this in one place, in real time, and shared with all members of the group. Imagine this, in once place, amongst all your teams/groups. 


Try getting started by: 

Creating a weekly to do list: 

  1. Adding notes from a conference, book, or YouTube Video you’re watching
  2. Expand on those notes by opening Keep in Google Docs
  3. Share a shopping list
  4. Add a photo to share with annotations
  5. Record a voice recording. Keep will translate to text. 
  6. Translate Handwriting to text (Android Only) 
  7. Set a reminder based on a time and date
  8. Set a reminder based on a location